Author Topic: Bantam Sumatra Hen needs new loving home in MD or PA area  (Read 9324 times)

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Bantam Sumatra Hen needs new loving home in MD or PA area
« on: June 22, 2008, 04:13:22 PM »
Hi! I know this is a little long, but Brianna is quite incredible:

I just got back to PA after 4 years attending college in Maine. I had two beautiful bantam hens as pets at the home I rented. Josephine was a pure white old english game hen, and Brianna is a pure black bantam sumatra hen. I trained Josephine to fly to my arm on cue for a college course, and Brianna was her bonded friend. They had the run of the property, but by sundown they were at the door to come into the house and roost in their special cage I had for them. They would cuddle up on my lap every night while I watched tv and sleep on the arm of the couch until I went to bed and put them away to roost. About 3 weeks before I left Maine, I arrived home too late one night and both of my girls were gone. I searched everywhere, and all I found were the feathers of Josephine. Something had gotten her, and I was absolutely devastated. Josephine was quite the celebrity, and everyone who knew her was shocked and upset by her loss. Brianna, however, left no trace. I put her cage outside with the door open, but she never came home. After a couple nights and some storms, I only thought the worst. Three weeks later, I left Maine to return to PA. My roomate remained at the house. A week after that and one night before he left Maine to return his home in PA, he called and told me someone wanted to talk to me. I heard the familiar Brianna noises on the other end, and was overwhelmed with happiness. Brianna had been gone for a month in the woods in Maine, and she had finally returned home the last chance she could! I drove to my roomates house about 3 hours from mine in PA and picked her up. She laid in my hand and closed her eyes--she's so happy to be safe again. Unfortunetly, now that I'm looking for permanent work, I may be hired out west and unable to take her with me. She is also lonely, and would really enjoy a couple chicken companions. Brianna is an affectionate, wonderful and beautiful bird that is full of personality. Sumatra chickens are very rare, and on top of that, she's bantam sized as opposed to standard, so she's only a couple pounds, if that. Although she's pure black, her feathers have a greenish hue in the sun. If there is anyone out there who has chickens for pets and could give Brianna the home and love she needs, please let me know! I don't mine driving either! I'm in Stewartstown, PA. If you are interested please email me at:

Thank you,