Author Topic: "peanut" baby?  (Read 6628 times)

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"peanut" baby?
« on: September 01, 2008, 10:40:21 AM »
My sister's Rex bunny had two babies a week ago. One didn't make it past 5 days. Butter's wasn't feeding them (they got thinner and thinner) so we held the remaining baby so he could nurse from her. There is not a lot of milk (he's not filling up after nearly an hour of feeding) so we have been giving him formula too. The first time we weighed him (2 days after birth) he was 40g. When we left it up to butter's to feed him, he went down to 37g. We had him nurse for momma with our help and he went up to 39g. We've used the formula with momma's milk once, and he is now 41g, at one week (almost 8 days)

(if it is bad to use both momma and formula, please let me know! D:)

He has some nice fur growing, and little whiskers. He is quite active (before feeding). He's bitten me, sucked on my fingers, licked me. He digs in my hand and in his nest. They way I had found him was, he got out of his nest and crawled across the floor. He peed in my had once and I've seen some poops. I am concerned because he is so small, and has SOME characteristics of a "peanut" baby.

I have found one picture of a "peanut" that was quite deformed. He does not look like it at all. Other pictures show babies that look JUST like him. And other's still I'm not so sure. "peanuts" have narrower hips, his look normal (he can move very well). "peanuts" have domed heads sometimes and bulgier  than normal eyes. His head shape is fine, but his eyes ARE pretty bulgy. "peanuts" are lethargic and don't do the things this baby does.

We thought he was doing fine until we found that one website where the peanuts looked like him >_> Part of the trouble is, is that we can't find anything specific to Rex's. Could he just be a runt? (the other baby was smaller than this one :\). Mom is a standard Rex. Dad is a rex too, but could be a mini. My sister says maybe he was a runt too, and that's why he's small. He's much smaller than momma, with a short snout and small ears.

So I guess my long-winded question IS: Do you think this baby is a "Peanut"?
The video was taken when he was 37g
The picture is when he was 39g, but before he had eaten.

Thankyou for any advice you can give

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Re: "peanut" baby?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2008, 01:28:13 PM »
Don't know about peanuts, but I believe there are shots you can give the mother to "let down" the milk more.   Are you giving her a nursing mother's diet?   Mothers can also get low in calcium, which is dangerous.   Your vet will know. 

Good luck with the nursing.  He is so precious looking.
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Re: "peanut" baby?
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2008, 03:09:59 PM »
Thanks ;)

Since he is now 15 days old, he's doing great! I think we just jumped to conclusions from a few pictures on a website Xp

He's over doubled his weight, his eyes are open, his ears are straight and he moves like a mad bunny. We still hold his momma for him to nurse from, and that's going really well.