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Free dog- Southern California
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:59:13 PM »
I have a stray dog here. She is sooo sweet! You would not believe how sweet she is. I named her Lucy. She looks like a Shar Pei Lab mix, Or a Shar Pei Pit bull mix. So sweet though. I dont want to give her to the shelter in fear she will be put down. She is in my front yard. She will be gone tomorrow.
! Please some one take her and give her a great home!!

Here are some pictures

She has a bit of an eye infection and fly bitten ears. I would say she is not good with other dogs and should be housed with people 16 and over. Just telling by how she acted today. Hopefully I dont have to give her to the shelter.

Please PM me ASAP if you want Lucy!!

Thanks so much!!

I am located in Southern California

Please take her!  She will be gone tomorrow if no one takes her.  I am going to try and keep her until Tuesday.  But no garuntees!  If you are located in Southern CA please come and pick her up!  Thank you!!
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I miss having ratties!