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Rattie Pins
« on: November 09, 2008, 12:47:49 PM »
Cheryl Yeager makes these wonderful wearable pins--many of animals --that are beautiful--can be any color/colors/patterns w/ embellishments.  She does some for the Stray Rescue organization I am part of--  A few weeks ago I told her about pet rats and asked if she could make some pins of them.  She made these this past week.  I have since given her pictures of many of your wonderful adorable pets (and some of mine) to show her how different and full of personality and love they are.  I told her I would post her pins for you to take a look at.  She said she can make these smaller, also (I put a quarter in the pic to show you size)--but I loved mine just the way they are.  Here are the URL's to see them.  They would make wonderful holiday gifts (and gifts for yourself!!!).  There is so little rattie jewelry around!  I thought you all would love these.

Also, to see all her other animal pins, go to her website and scroll down to go into her store.  On the left go down to Cheryl's Originals Wearable Art--(see all items) and click there.  Scroll down a bit past half-way and see all the different pins she makes--click on each--when you get to them, double-click to get a large picture of them to see just how adorable and beautiful they really are!

She can be contacted at