Author Topic: Two Lovebirds need loving home *Port Townsend, WA*  (Read 3681 times)

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Two Lovebirds need loving home *Port Townsend, WA*
« on: November 11, 2008, 06:29:00 PM »
Hi! I've been trying to convince my mom to give up her two lovebirds for quite some time now, we own an independent record store and she has a full time job, so the poor babies just don't get the attention they deserve. We think they are both males, they don't bite and are friendly. They refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, but will sometimes eat peanut butter from Mom's tongue :doh: and they love apple seeds. I just feel so bad for them. I got her to switch their diet from Kaytee to Zupreem a while back, I heard it was better for them (not to mention, we all know how terrible Kaytee is), but I don't know anything about birds so I hope it was the right thing. The birds and their travel cage would be free, but this cage: is also for sale for $200. We'd prefer they stay with the cage, but as long as they go to a good loving home, it doesn't really matter. Their names are Fred and Ethel, even though they're both boys :doh: we didn't know that when we named them. I have no idea why Mom thought she could handle a male and a female (meaning they would breed) but thankfully, they're males!
This is Fred:

Fred kissing my mom:

Fred peaking out of her hair:

Ethel decided it was more fun up on the light:

Fred really likes the camera:

Fred with me:

Fred and Ethel together:

This is the best one I could get of Ethel (sorry it's sideways):
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