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Welcome to Home Squeak Home -- headquarters for all information and questions about cages, hammocks, boxes, toys, and bedding! Think of it as "Better Cage & Gardens."

Anything regarding the following topics belong in this section.

- cages
- bedding/litter
- water bottles
- cage "furniture" such as hammocks, nest boxes
- toys

 Here are some helpful and popular links in this section:

Cage Photo Gallery - Post Yours!
Take a look at the cages used by and decorated by our members. No conversations, please. Feel free to add your own photos and descriptions, though. Remember our forum has a limit of 10 photos per post.

Plans for HomeMade Cages
Helpful links to websites with detailed plans on how to make your own cages.

Cage Calculators
Do you need to find out how many rats will comfortably fit in a particular cage? Check out these links. UK Cage Calculator now included. Please use the calculators wisely. None of them are perfect, nor can they decipher the size, age, genders, and personal preferences of your rats :)

Modifying a Martin's R-690 for Older Rats
Older rats have a difficult time with the steep ramps in this cage. Check out how you can modify this cage to make it more geriatrics-friendly!

Which Martin's to Get?
This handy thread and graph gives you an idea of what size Martin's cage you need for your rats and their needs.

Rat Toys & Games
Discover new and fun ideas for enriching the lives of your rats. Be sure to add your own, as well.

Ferret Nation Modification Tutorial
Ferret Nation cages are equipped with ferret-appropriate bar spacing. Find out how you can modify an FN to be suitable for ALL of your rats. This thread includes the exact measurements of wire that you will need.

Cleaning Your Cages - Comparison of Disinfectants
Find out which cleansers work best for cleaning and disinfecting rat cages.
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