Author Topic: Capital Region, NY: Rabbit in need of a home desperately.  (Read 2719 times)

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Capital Region, NY: Rabbit in need of a home desperately.
« on: November 22, 2008, 02:05:03 AM »
My friend found a domestic rabbit(albino) in her backyard freezing, as the temps up here are in the 20's. She gave the rabbit to me, knowing I've dealt with rabbits. So my first thought was, post a found ad on craigslist, which I did. I had a response from the owner and here is what transpired.
She wrote to me:
"O thank go she is ok she escaped from my shed that they are lose in all day"

I responded:
"Where do you live? I can bring her over to you Saturday or Sunday.

She responded:
"i already replaced her with one just like her so sorry make sure she gets a great home for me thanks "

Infuriated, I responded:
"I do not think so. This is YOUR animal and YOUR responsibility. When you took in this animal, you took on the responsibility of making sure it was well cared for. You can't just replace an animal like you do a car. Where is your sense of decency!? You have no right to just stick this animal on me.

Thanks for being part of the homeless animal problem,

So yeah, now I have a rabbit which I honestly do not wish to keep, not because it isn't cute or well behaved, but because I don't feel it's fair to the rabbit as my time is divided thinly among my animals as it is. My friend was in a desperate situation, didn't know what to do so I took her in instead of seeing her go to someone who knew nothing about rabbits. I'm just looking to find this rabbit a good home. I haven't sexed it yet, trying not to stress him/her out but I'd be willing to place money on the fact that he/she is not neutered or spayed. If you can adopt this poor baby, please let me know.
I live in Amsterdam, NY and am willing to travel within 45 minutes for the right home.