Author Topic: parakeets need home or homes in NYC/WESTCHESTER area  (Read 3049 times)

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parakeets need home or homes in NYC/WESTCHESTER area
« on: December 05, 2008, 09:46:38 PM »
hi. well okay. let me start by saying i have four keets. 3 males, 1 female. 3 (pepper - female, pablo - male, and sydney - male) of them are bonded and one male (shamus) is a solo bird. he could make another bird happy if it is female, but the younger male (sydney) in the trio was getting stressed due to shamus chasing him and pestering him when shamus started maturing. otherwise there were no issues with them. just shamus harassing sydney. they are happy, talkative birds and still see each other and talk to each other. pepper, pablo, and sydney will come with a cage. it looks like this but is red/beige. the cage also will come with a stand to roll it on. shamus will not come with a cage, as he is in a nice sized one but it is normally what i use as my temp home while cleaning critters. any adopters will also get food and millet that i have at the time of adoption.

basically, i just want someone who will love and spoil them. i care for them, but don't bond to birds and...i'd just like them to find a good home. these were originally adoptions that my mother decided were too much work and would often forget about so i took them and tried to force it, but i feel like they deserve better than me just keeping them healthy and content. i want my birds to love their owner. pics available of the birds on request. sydney is blue, pablo is yellow and green, pepper is yellow with red eyes, and shamus is pale yellowish-green. also pepper and pablo ages are unknown, both were mature when my mom took them in in december 07. sydney is between 17-21 or so months. and shamus is between 15-19 or so months.

if someone is interested, please email me at