Author Topic: North Shore Pet club, Massachusetts! First Meeting, cat owners welcome!!!  (Read 1121 times)

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Introducing a new club for all pet owners, The North Shore Pet Club

We are having our first meeting on :

January 25th at 2:30pm ( to follow our NS Rat club meeting)


Remember Salem
127 Essex Street, Salem, MA
(if you know where the Hawthorne hotel is, the store is at that end of Essex Street, near Crow Haven Corner Witch Shop and next door to the Fool’s Mansion store)

Because the meeting is taking place at a store, we ask that people do not bring their pets to this meeting.  However, pictures you would like to share are encouraged.  Bring a topic you would like to discuss!

The topic I am going to be discussing is the Pet Forum I am trying to start for this club.  It will not only be a good resource, but a way to stay in contact with members and other local pet owners.

At the NS pet club meeting, I will be introducing everyone to our online forum.  There will be a main board and then sub boards – for all types of animals. 

To join the NS pet club and be placed on our email list, please join on our website:

Feel free to contact me with any questions,
Christine Maduga