Author Topic: Animal Cruelty Case- Please Read- Advise If You Can  (Read 1061 times)

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Animal Cruelty Case- Please Read- Advise If You Can
« on: February 20, 2009, 12:47:53 AM »
Hi everybody,

I am posting to spread the word on behalf of a lady who lives in Dinwiddie, VA (a little outside of Richmond). Her name is Amanda Pruitt (and yes I am posting this all with her permission).

Basically, on 2/15 Ms. Pruitt came home in the evening and her neighbor ran out from his house to tell her some neighborhood hoodlums had killed her twelve year old cat with their airsoft gun.  Earlier in the evening, he heard her dogs barking frantically and went to the window and saw three high schoolers standing by her other car.  He went out to speak to them because he thought they were trying to do something to her car, and when he asked what they were doing one replied "Oh, my friend just killed a cat".  Then, another pulled the airsoft gun out from under the car, and they left.

She immediately called animal control and the police.  If you go to (our local channel 8 news) and watch the short segment they aired about it, (look at the featured video segments on the left side of the page, there will be one labeled "Woman's Cat Shot & Killed In Front Yard") at the end it says her dog may have also been shot by the boys... I have been in contact with her and her vet says that her dog is fine and has not ever been shot.  But the same boys have a previous history of committing other crimes of vandalism with the same gun.  They apparently earlier in the year shot up the good neighbor's shed... he didn't report it to the police, he spoke with the parents, who made the boys apologize and they confiscated the gun (apparently not for long enough).

I am posting because she wants to keep people talking about the issue, wants to continue to draw attention to the matter.  Apparently the local authorities say that their offenses only amount to misdemeanors so far.  I don't know that much about the law, but I don't see how... they had a weapon that they misused, even if it was only an airsoft gun, plus they were trespassing on her property- and it wasn't an accident, the cat was hiding under the car and they shot it over 5 times as well as beat it.  She needs a lawyer... she wants to take the kids and their parents to civil court on top of the pressing criminal charges. She has said whatever money she gets will pay for Abby (the cat)'s cremation, and the rest will be donated to the local shelter.  She hasn't yet found a lawyer who is willing to take her case for the cause it stands pro bono, a reduced rate, or even pay-only-if-you-win.

Does ANYONE have ANY advice for this woman... legal or otherwise???

Due to GooseMoose's rules I can't actually post the CraigsList links, but if you go to the Richmond, VA CraigsList and look over the last few days you can read some of her story posted by her:

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