Author Topic: New cage excitement!!  (Read 324 times)

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New cage excitement!!
« on: February 28, 2009, 01:05:11 AM »
So I was looking on CL for a used CN or Fn to use when I get my apartment next August (no room for it in my dorm so its going to be  my rats away cage till summer lol) and I stumbled onto this one ( for about a hundred and it was close so I went for it. The only real complaint I have it that is has wire floors but I am sure I can do something to fix that.

Though at the moment it STINKS I guess the girl had about 5 ferrets in it and didn't take it apart to clean it so in between the levels there is what she calls "ferret goo " :/ and its all sticky and gross. I had to drive with my friend all the way back to houston with it in the car haha it was terrible.

I was wondering if you think just washing it with bleach and then rinsing it really good would be enough to get the stink off or do I need some kind of enzyme cleaner?

Also How to you think I should fix the wire floor issue?

and does anyone else have this cage here? if you could post pics of how you decorated or give me a link to a thread with your pics on it would be great :)

thanks guys

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Re: New cage excitement!!
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2009, 02:21:03 AM »
I would suggest using a spray bottle with straight vinegar in it. Spray the cage down and scrub it with hot soapy water after you spray the vinegar on it. Rinse really good. Then, spray Hydrogen peroxide all over the cage. Let it sit about 5 mins then rinse really well with hot water. That should take care of the smell. I'd see if you could fit it in your shower. That would make cleaning it super easy or use your outside hose. Just be sure to rinse really well since you can only use cold water from the hose.

Is the bottom wire floor screwed in? If so, you should be able to just un do the screws and remove. If not, cover it with towels or 2 layers of fleece. You'll need to add a litter pan if you do this so they can learn to go potty n the correct place. If the bottom wire floor can not be removed, I'd ask a few friends or family members if they could cut it out for you and make sure the tips are filed so the ratties will not get hurt by them.

The full floor towards the top, cover it with towels or fleece. Add a litter pan up there also.

HTH! Good luck.

Also Foster & Rescue Mom to many :) What girl needs Diamonds when she could have Rats?

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Re: New cage excitement!!
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2009, 08:00:36 AM »
I got rid of mine and I deleted all of the pictures I had of it so I could just say "good riddance" to the whole thing, but I can tell you what I did about the wire floors. Home Depot sells really cheap tile, and they are thin and easy to cut. I cut the tile to size and stuck it to the floors of the cage. It's sticky enough to stay, but not sticky enough to leave residue when you are ready to pull it up to change it. :)

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Re: New cage excitement!!
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2009, 09:35:17 AM »
I was going to suggest vinegar and hot soapy water too. :) I think the most important part is letting it sit and NOT scrubbing so you don't damage the wire coating.

And ferret goo? That's disgusting. Why do these people get animals if they are too lazy to clean the cage?
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