Author Topic: Wanted: Single FN / Sale: Used RUDD 75$ pick-up only Milwaukee, WI  (Read 433 times)

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Looking for a single unit ferret nation around Milwaukee, WI we can pick up (anywhere up to an hour or so away is cool too)<3

For sale (for sure lol) is a *used* Martin's RUDD for 75$ The only flaw in it is a dent in the bottom of the cage which does not cause any problems in the cage, it doesn't cause it to tilt or anything and doesn't allow for escapes (trust me, if our could've they would've! lol). I *can* take it apart (we don't have a truck, so if you can't pick it up we'll have to take it apart), but prefer to just have it picked up instead. Finally decided to sell it to afford another FN for our new guys. The bottom tray has not, amazingly, been chewed or anything, so it's in good condition. Email: if you have any other questions! :)
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