Author Topic: Beautiful Pale Headed Rosella Needs New Home, Salem, MA  (Read 3802 times)

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Beautiful Pale Headed Rosella Needs New Home, Salem, MA
« on: April 11, 2009, 11:29:37 AM »

I own a Pale Headed Rosella...  we think he is a male.  He is approximatley 13 years old.  We got him almost three years ago from another woman who could not keep him due to her little kids, having no time for him.  He is beautiful to look at and does make some sweet sounds, but is not friendly.  I have tried over and over to make friends, and he does let me pet his beak, but other than that he does his own thing.  He'll come out of the cage and sit on top and go back in on his own.  I rarely try to touch him because he bites hard. 

We are looking for the right home for him. I think one with bird experience is best but am open to the right person.  We are in no rush to rehome.  If I don't find the right one, we will keep him.  I want someone who will appreciate what an amazing bird he is, even if he is not friendly.  If you are looking for a smoochy bird, this is not the bird for you.  I have tried to get as much info as I can about his type of bird, but there is not much out there as far as domestic ones.  Any info I have found was pertaining to wild ones.  I have no idea where the lady got him, only that it was while she lived in North Carolina.

If you would like more info, please email me at  We live in Salem, Massachusetts.