Author Topic: Needed: CN padded liners (fabric will be provided)  (Read 421 times)

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Needed: CN padded liners (fabric will be provided)
« on: April 23, 2009, 06:53:54 PM »
Ok, so I'm really lazy when it comes to the bottom pan liners for my CN. I think it's just because they're so big and don't fit on my table so I get frustrated. So is there anyone interested in making them for me??

I use Flannel or cotton on one side, fleece on the other, and a batting in the middle. Then I sew around the edges and 4-5 lines down the center so the batting stays in place.

I would provide the fabric and the batting. All I need is a couple of the liners. I'm thinking I'd send enough fabric for 3. I could either pay you for the work (+ some money for shipping back) or compensate you with some extra fabric to keep for yourself. I can't afford much, but I'll take any offers or ideas anyone has!

The liners need to end up around 36" x 24". Again, I think I'll have you make 3 and I provide everything except thread & labor.