Author Topic: 2 female Chihuahua's ready for adoption in Central NJ  (Read 2094 times)

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2 female Chihuahua's ready for adoption in Central NJ
« on: May 28, 2009, 08:32:53 AM »
One female White and Tan, short hair (8lbs) is “about” 4-5 yrs old, spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated through December, 99% house trained but like any dog, there are never any guarantees.  Only had times she peed when she first got here which was expected for any dog coming to a new situation.  Then she would occasionally pee on the wee wee pads but I have since removed them and she only goes outside.

One female White and Brown, long hair (9lbs) is “about” 3-4 yrs old, spayed, micro-chipped and due for her shots this month (will be done before adoption), 99% house trained like other one, same situation, only goes outside now.

Both dogs crate well and are crated when we are not home or in bed at night.  Both dogs are good with other dogs, cats and kids(with dog experience).

Both are leash trained but not 100% off leash so they should always be leashed when out of a fenced in yard.

There is an application to fill out if you are interested and an adoption contract that states the dog comes back to us, no questions asked, if you ever need to give the dog up.

They will be ready to go on June 6th.

Adoption fee is $140

Let me know if interested and I can email you an application and photos.