Author Topic: Small, friendly kitten in need of good home ((SA Texas))  (Read 1709 times)

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Small, friendly kitten in need of good home ((SA Texas))
« on: May 28, 2009, 12:08:23 PM »
We didn't think it was well known but aparrantly we have a 'suckers live here' sign in the middle of our yard. All our animals are rescues, and many are even street rescues..guess what my mom found in our door step on the way home...a...kitten, yep that's right, right in our yard a small kitten dumped so I say agian "Suckers liver here" sign! *sighs* we ALREADY have four cats so we will have to find it a new home...maybe  BUT lol we can atleast take care of it for a while, if anyone is looking for a loveing kitten in or around the San Antonio Texas area PLEASE contact me, I would feel alot more comfy knowing where he's going and that he's going with a good person from goosemoose. We might even be willing to drive a short way, I just dont want him takeing a good cats place in a kitten in is one grown cat dead.

He is super friendly, cuddly and adorable. His antics have made me laugh more then once already. He's also a love bug, he will cuddle and is more then happy to fall asleep on a welcoming stomach, chest or pair of legs. He is a slight talker so he likes haveing convorsations, he is playfully and just alot of fun. If anyone is interested PLEASE message me or email me at: I DO NOT want to give him to the shelter and would perfer not to pos him on craigslist, there are WAY too many kittens up for grabs already on there like 50 in the past 3 days.

He is about 8 weeks, a male and we're for now calling him Nicor after a water spirit, becuase he likes playing him his water.