Author Topic: Deceased owner leaves behind 2 dogs in CA  (Read 2204 times)

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Deceased owner leaves behind 2 dogs in CA
« on: June 03, 2009, 03:35:22 AM »
****cross-posted with permission****

After the tragic death of Douglas Allen, his beloved dogs Jude and Loopy are looking for a home together.

Jude is the big sweetheart: gentle, mellow, and loving. He’s a playful, outdoorsy type, in love with the tennis ball and Frisbee, always up for a game of tug or chase. On the other hand, he’s perfectly happy to sprawl on a rug or in the sun for hours, or to make a doggie oval on the porch and watch the world go by. He is a vocal pup: he will use his charming waaooowool –rooarrrwaaaooo language to try to convince you to play, to keep rubbing his
tummy, or just to tell you he loves you. Jude will be seven this summer. He was adopted at four months as a stray. He is about 70 pounds and seems to be a shepherd/lab mix with a few other things thrown in .

Loopy is a feisty, affectionate six-year old lab mix. Loopy is the dog who nearly falls over from wiggling with joy when you come home. She loves playing with stuffed animals, and will toss them in the air and shake them for your amusement. In the right mood, she’ll snuggle-head butt, burrowing into you like a child being tickled. For tummy rubs, she’s curl around ‘til her nose nearly touches her tail, and has been known to sleep with both front paws in the air. She also has an independent streak, and is always the first to greet new people, check out the new thing on the trail, and explore new situations. Like Jude, she loves the outdoors, but unlike Jude, she’ll take any opportunity to get in the water – chasing frogs, sticks, or just to
plop in and swim.

Loopy and Jude (aka Piggle and The Love Dog, Little J and Judie-woood) are inseparably bonded. They grew up together as puppies. It takes only one sight of the two wrestling (an obvious performance for your benefit – they’ll pause occasionally to make sure you are watching and resume if so) or trotting back to you both holding the same floppy Frisbee in their mouths to understand that these dogs should not be apart. We are desperately hoping we can place them in the same home, and will exhaust all possible placement avenues before we consider separating them. We are searching far and wide for a suitable home. I (Elizabeth) would be willing to bring them to a new home wherever it is. If you think you might be able to take Jude and Loopy, or would like to meet them, please contact Elizabeth Letcher at (415) 860-0323 or .
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