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Male Pied Cockatiel - Salem, Massachusetts
« on: June 24, 2009, 06:02:48 PM »
I have a beautiful male pied cockatiel that I am rehoming.  His name is Pixie.  He was the cage mate of my female cockatiel Pumpkin.  He has been aggressive toward her on and off the last year.  They are currently in seperate cages, but for the last month we have been unsuccessful in putting them back together.  I have other birds as well and really don't have room to put another large cage, as the birds are use to being in and we have decided they have to remain seperated.  He is now in a small cage, which we feel is too small for him to remain in. 

He can talk a little... saying "pretty pretty pretty bird" and whistles.  As far as temperment goes, he is nippy.  He does step up on ladders and occassionally my finger, but has been showing aggression when around my female.  I wish I had never put them together - 4 years ago that is.  He is aboout 4 1/2 years old.  I've had him since he was a baby, hand fed.  He was very friendly prior to putting him in with the female, like a smoochy.  I think if he is in a different house, he may warm up to the right person.  I really wanted someone with bird experiece to have him, since he is nippy.  If you have any questions about him... please email me at

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