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West Palm Beach, FL ~ Rescued Momma cat & 3 kittens
« on: August 12, 2009, 02:02:48 PM »

I've been trying to get help from a no-kill rescue in my area & I am really disappointed in the types of replies I have received. They are all too willing to post their availability & collect the adoption fee for them but by the conversations I've had with at least 2 of these "rescues"... it seems as though they want me to pay for all the vetting as well as the spay/neuter & all they plan to do is collect the adoption fee once they are adopted. I'm just shocked that this is the reply they offer. What is even more shocking is the lack of reply. Even a no, we can't help is an acceptable reply... no reply is not cool. I understand & respect being at capacity but I am only looking for assistance in getting them posted.

We found the Mom when she was tossed from a moving vehicle in a shopping center parking area. We weren't able to get the tag or a good look at the car. It was night time & we were walking the dogs & this parking lot is across a large empty field. I could tell by the shape of the object that it was a cat when the silhouette against the oncoming headlights was viewable. I jogged up as fast as I could to where I thought the cat was tossed from the car & I found her crouched down by some plants just off to the side of the parking lot where she was tossed. She didn't try to run away but she was obviously frightened. When I picked her up I noticed she was rather big around the middle.... pregnant. I knew if I turned her over to Animal Care & Control she would surely be put down. She delivered the kittens within 3 days of our finding her. Even now, if I were to take them to AC&C they would most likely destroy them as they aren't old enough to be adopted out.

So I am hopeful that I can get the word out about them & hopefully find a few people that may be interested in adopting.

1 orange male, medium to long hair. He is the largest of the 3 & has a much longer coat. Very mellow personality.
1 dark, nearly black male tabby... looks like a wild cat... nice clean tabby with no white markings. He has the most outgoing personality of the 3
1 female, I guess you could call her a calico tabby... light colored face with orange & white, all 4 feet have various lengths of white socks-- low front, high back... she has blotches of orange tabby mixed in with the dark tabby, white belly & white chest. She is very small, much smaller than her brothers & likes to be held close.

Mom is a dilute tabby... google dilute tabby & I swear you are looking at her. This isn't her but this is the image that looks just like her.

I'll get an actual photo of her up soon & edit this post when I do.

little girl kitty ~ Calling her Milky Way

Big Black


If anyone reading this knows of any rescue that is willing to help out please let me know. I plan to continue fostering them until they are old enough to to undergo a spay or neuter & at that point I will take them to Animal Care & Control. I really don't know what other options I can explore. I believe the kittens may have a chance at adoption but I don't know about Mom's future. I open to helpful suggestions as I really don't know where else to go with this. I just know I couldn't leave her dumped & I know I would have sealed her & their fate by turning them over immediately.
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