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Shelter Cats and Dogs - new image
« on: October 02, 2009, 02:08:27 PM »
Hey guys.  My job (I work for a marketing company in NYC) recently started a campaign with Maddie's Fund, The Humane Society and the Ad Council, which is trying to change the image of the shelter animal for the better. About a third of the Cats and Dogs that go into shelters annually are euthanized, we think that this is because of a problem with image.

About 17 million people aim to get a new pet yearly and we're trying to tap into this demographic, and have them see that the healthy, friendly pets available at animal shelters are viable future members of the family.  I personally am a cat lover and will probably get a new cat in the coming year, and I will be utilizing a shelter when the time comes.

We've made a couple of videos on YouTube for the campaign that are pretty funny check them out:

Also there is an interactive pet personals website with plenty of fun activities and a tool to find local shelters near you.
Here it is:

What are some positive experiences you've had with shelter animals?