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Requirements for Becoming a Merchant in the Pack Rat Swap Meet


If you would like to sell items in the Pack Rat Swap Meet as a side business, we require that you are a member of the forum for at least three (3) months, and have accumulated 100 posts, to establish yourself as a contributing member of our community.

Primarily, this is for the protection of the Goosemoose Pet Portal community as a whole, and is not intended to be punitive. We just like to do what we can to ensure that our community can trust the merchants that they do business with on our site. Despite the fact that ALL business done on the forum is "at your own risk," sellers that do not live up to their end of the bargain reflect on the forum negatively, and we like to prevent that in any way we can.

Posts should be as meaningful as possible, and not just "cute pet" comments on photos, or "me too" posts in other discussions. The more meaningfully you contribute, the more likely you will be trusted by our members, which can actually increase your business potential. Win-win. :)

It is our hope that people will not find ways to cheat or abuse this system. If this does become an issue, our next logical step would be to establish an application process, requiring staff approval for selling. We would like to avoid this at all costs, as it is a lot of extra work for our volunteer staff. We all have lives outside the forum. ;)

Anyone currently selling is grandfathered in at this point, though most, if not all, already meet these requirements. Over the past several months we have removed a few threads from new members opening up shops as they were discovered, and have explained why to each one privately. However, we felt it was important that we publicly post these guidelines in fairness, and to prevent us from having to remove posts going forward.

Thanks for your understanding! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM.

Just a reminder, this section is for SELLERS ONLY to start threads. If you are looking for a particular item that one or more sellers might make, PLEASE take the time to peruse the threads the sellers have taken great pains to compose, and contact the ones that might meet your needs. DO NOT begin a thread "seeking" an item that 10+ merchants might make already (such as hammocks, shelf liners, etc.). All they become are threads full of links to other threads in the section, or the sellers' web sites. They clutter up the forum, and keep OTHER buyers from finding what they are looking for.

Today I have replied to and locked a number of threads that were on the first two pages, going back to the beginning of the year. Going forward, any "wanted to buy" threads in this section will be DELETED ON SIGHT without comment, so don't bother posting them. Respect the sellers, and take the time to look at what they have already posted. If you think what they make might fit your needs, or you need something custom made in the same realm, contact them directly via PM.

Thank you.


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