Author Topic: 2-3 male 1 year old rats looking for homes ( Chicago IL)  (Read 612 times)

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2-3 male 1 year old rats looking for homes ( Chicago IL)
« on: November 18, 2009, 01:27:05 AM »
I got a call from a man looking to rehome his two male rats that are a year old.
I told him i couldn't take them ( I was full) than he went on to ask about letting the rats go outside and wheather they could live outside. Its going to be everything, cage and all. I am expecting them to arrive in the next few days and i will know more than.

Sounds like the same old story got them at a petstore and can no longer have them, though it sounds like it wasn't expected. He is in the militery and said they just changed it to no animals allowed and he had 3 days to find them a place.

Than i have a male that is alone. 
 Its a regular hooded male rat (very large) that is black and white. He came in a cage full of hamster and Gerbil food. At least he wasn't on ceder and Pine bedding but he is on a diet of pet blocks now and kept on carefresh. He has a one level cage with a little ramp at the moment that he was drop off in. I have only had him around for about 2 weeks now.

His past owners son moved out and the dad wanted it out of the house..

Please let me know if anyone is looking to adopt these boys.
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