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Introducing Kitten - How am I doing?
« on: January 04, 2010, 06:44:18 PM »
I just moved into my own apartment.  The place is tiny but pet-friendly, which is perfect for me.  So, on my way from home to apartment, I stopped at the local pet store in my hometown (the only breeder I know of in the area seems to have gone out of business in the past few months) to get me a pet.  OK, so I'd spent the past month choosing the cage and toys I was going to buy, and really all I needed to choose was the actual bird.  Who was meant to be a male budgerigar.  Well, there was a male I liked, but I tossed the plan out the window the moment I saw Kitten.  She's a dusky slate blue color with white wings and sooty-gray marks.  (Pictures to come once she's more people-friendly).

I tried to talk or sing all the way to my apartment, so she would hear my voice, but I'm a pretty quiet person so there wasn't as much talking and singing as I planned.  I set up her cage with ladders, perches, toys, spray millet, and seed and water in dishes, clipped her wings and trimmed her toenails (I've never had birds of my own, but I've had lots of experience caring for them.  Particularly relevant: I had 10 budgies for a research project, in a lab at school, and the breeder taught me to clip wings and toenails) and put her inside.  As I was unpacking stuff, she kept freaking out when I walked past, so I covered her cage except for the very front, and she stayed in the back but calmed down a lot.  I went shopping and picked up some pellets to start adding a little bit into her seed to see if she will eat it, some more toys, and a water bottle and a seed dispenser, and fruit and veggies to offer, too.  I bought grapes, a bell pepper, an apple, a pear, a nectarine, carrots, and a frozen corn-peas-beans-carrots mix, chopped everything, and put it in the freezer in little cups so it will keep and I can offer a variety without wasting anything (I bought myself some of each, too).

Yesterday she continued to mostly stay in the back of the cage looking scared, and I just talked to her while going about my business.  Today, though, she came out to the front of the cage while I was trying to set up my internet, and she kept a close, nervous eye on me while she ate her lunch.  Then, I started whistling "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" and she got very excited about it.  She whistled back to me a few times and climbed all over her cage, and dunked her head in the water dish (the pet store has water dishes, so I don't know if she knows how to use a water bottle yet.).  She didn't even cower when I had a service guy come out and fix the internet!  I'm very pleased with this development, and hopefully within the next couple of days she will progress to a level of confidence at which I can start teaching her to be handled!