Author Topic: Anyone selling cages big enough for 3 males?! (Madison, WI, USA)  (Read 1412 times)

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I'm in Madison, Wi, USA and I need a cage suitable for 3 adult males.

I've been looking everywhere - scouring CL, stores, online. They're all so expensive. :/

I'm looking to keep it around 80 - at max, 100.

Any help!?
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Re: Anyone selling cages big enough for 3 males?! (Madison, WI, USA)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2010, 12:09:22 PM »
i'm in the chicagoland area and am selling a martins r680 with a flip top for $80 that can hold three males easy.

I'm 2.5 hours away from madison however there is a chance I will be heading to rockford soon which would cut an hour off the drive. It depends on if I'm getting these two rats from my breeder.
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