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Lots of Rattie Stuff - pleasant hill, ca
« on: February 02, 2010, 11:24:29 PM »
I have lots of rattie stuff available.

-Top half of a Ferret Nation (to turn a one-story into a 2-story).  I also have black powder coated wire to go with this.  The cage and wire are both a few years old and a bit rusty (not bad condition though- I'll post pictures later) - $20.00 for both

- Rat carriers- again a couple years old, some rust on the metal bars. $5.00 each.

-Small SuperPets cage- this is a tiny cage but could be used as a carrier or quarantine- $7.00

- Multi story cage (expandable) - Probably good for 2 females - $10.00

- Large igloos (several available) - $ 2.00 each

-various PVC fittings, and makeshift shelfs or play things -FREE

***I will post pictures of all this stuff soon****