Author Topic: Need Someone to take Ferret in Cincinnati - ASAP!  (Read 3752 times)

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Need Someone to take Ferret in Cincinnati - ASAP!
« on: April 12, 2010, 03:00:58 PM »

Firstly, I am not a ferret owner.  I own rats.

I was on craigslist looking to buy a new cage for my rats (the ferret cage I currently have has bar spacing that is too wide).  The owner of the cage I emailed about conveniently didn't "tell me" that the cage came with a ferret.  She needs the ferret gone so she doesn't get evicted and I need her cage so I can keep my rats from escaping, so she begged me to take him and then re-home him.

He is a white, male (she thinks, I can check once I get him) 2 year old ferret.

He is available with or without my rats' old cage.

The cage is a large superpets cage with a ton of extra floor sections (enough that the ferret would hardly be able to move if you put them all in. ha ha.) It's in great condition, only one or two shelves have bite marks and wiring is in great condition with one small ding. It needs to be assembled with zipties.

Here is the cage (same model without the wheels/casters):

I will be bringing him home tonight around 8pm and would love for someone to come pick him up between 8 and 12 tonight or tomorrow during the day or evening. I can take pics of him when I get him here.

She charged me $150 for the ferret and the cage so I would prefer someone who can compensate me somewhat for paying the adoption fee on top of the cost of the cage.  If you want my superpet cage I have to ask for some payment because the cage is in excellent condition and is fairly expensive.

I couldn't let her take the ferret to the pound and I didn't want to see her evicted because of it.  Please help out if you can!