Author Topic: Premium catnip toys at affordable prices!  (Read 4325 times)

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Premium catnip toys at affordable prices!
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:02:34 PM »
Hello everybodeee!

I'm putting my super catnipped body pillows/bunny kickers on sale just for you GM'ers. These prices are well below the "market average" for this type of handmade toy (these sell for $10 and up on eBay and etsy, etc) and frankly, MINE are better than all the rest.
Because I don't put in "a generous amount" or "3 scoops" of catnip, like some sellers say they do.  I mean, really, just how much *is* a "generous amount"? what size is the "scoop" you are using?

My body pillows/kickers have at least 9 full TABLESPOONS of organic catnip in them!! that's nearly a cup full!

These range from 10 inches long to a foot long. Shorter ones are wider, though.

They come in your choice of the following great prints (sorry for the low quality photos- these look a lot better in person) :

These animal print ones are about a foot long:
Print A- black/white zebra/tiger
Print B- pink/white zebra/tiger
Print C- lime green/white zebra/tiger
Print D- black/white leopard
Print E- pink/white leopard

Print F-bright leaping cats, 11.5-12"
Print G-rainbow cats, 11.5-12"
Print H-kittens in baskets, 11.5-12"
Print I-cat's favorite things, 11"
Print J-buttons and stars, 10" by3" wide
Print K- moose on the loose, 11"

For better photos, go here, but please note, you must order from me thru PMs or emails, as the website is no longer set up to take orders!

OK are you ready for this? because I want these to go to good homes where they will be loved on by deserving cats,
I've reduced the price and shipping and handling is included! *to US and Canada only*

For one body pillow your choice of print: $5.00 S&H included

Two body pillows for $8.00 S&H included

Buy three for only $10 S&H included

Need more, for your own cats or to surprise a cat you know? get 4 body pillows for just $12  S&H included

Need even more? want to give some to a foster home for rescued cats or a shelter, perhaps? one for your vet's "office cat"? want to stock up for your own kitty? (stored tightly wrapped in cool dark place, catnip toys stay fresh for a long time!)
Get 5 for just $13.50 S&H included!!

{Got a total catnip addict at home and need even more toys?? just add $2.50 for each additional toy you order at the same time!}

ask about a special rate for toys shipped directly to a shelter or rescue.

Coming soonish- plus purrpads/resting pads for cats and other furry critters.

don't see what you're looking for? email or PM me. I've got other toys not shown here and offer customizable catnip toys, you choose the fabric type, shape (square, tubular, pillows etc) and the amount of catnip you want.

Just need to price those out before I put up photos

Sales are for my dental fund- My companion animals are never going to go without, but I've put off much needed dental work for too long now and need to get it done soon, or I'll be toothless, or nearly so!
and we can't have that, it would scare my babies!! (my cats n rats)

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Re: Premium catnip toys at affordable prices!
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2010, 12:47:03 PM »
Are the pillows refillable?

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Re: Premium catnip toys at affordable prices!
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2010, 01:05:03 PM »
Are the pillows refillable?

these ones aren't (well if you sew, you could easily cut open the top, take out the filling and re-stuff, then stitch closed) but I can make some with a velcro closure if you'd like

I've never made the tubes/body pillows that way, just pouches about 4 inches square, so I'm not sure how it'll come  out, I can try it later on today and get back to you with a photo if you're really interested (if not, I've got a ton of stuff to do, I've got foster baby rats!! they are sooo cute!)

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MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE til midnight 4-22
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2010, 06:01:43 PM »
From now until midnight tomorrow, April 22nd,
all FOOT LONG *animal print* only body pillows
(you can see a photo here:

these ones only (ignore the price note in the photo):

are on sale for the crazy low price of just $1.50 each,
plus $3 shipping for up to 5 toys,
or $5 shipping for 6 to 10 toys

To be fair to all, there's a limit of 10 toys per customer please!

The catch?? & yes, there is one!!
all orders must be paid for by MIDNIGHT (*eastern time*) April 22nd
via PayPal

Please PM or email me how many you'd like and tell me what your paypal address is, and I will send you an invoice.

You can't order thru the website, that function has been disabled. Orders must come thru emails or PMs only. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you see anything else on the site that you would like to order, please let me know in your email or PM