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NEW SECTION! Classifieds!
« on: May 03, 2010, 09:50:27 AM »
Hey Everyone! I was starting to notice that a lot of the "cage for sale" type threads were getting lost in all the "merchant" threads, so I decided to split them off and create a new "Classifieds" section. I am in the process of moving existing threads in the section now called "Marketplace" that fall into the "classified" category, so you might see some things "disappear" from that section... they're not gone, just moved HERE.  :thumbsup2:

This should help people trying to sell one-off items like cages get better exposure, and hopefully be able to rehome their items more quickly.

This section is NOT for "repeat" selling of items. This is for "rehoming" items like used cages, tanks, accessories... or even "non-rat" items like used digital cameras, etc. It should also be used for "seeking donations" type posts. If it's something you'd consider putting in the classifieds of your local paper, or put out at a garage sale, then it belongs in here.

Also, when the item has been sold, bought, or otherwise is no longer available (if selling) or needed (if looking to buy), PLEASE add a post at the end indicating such. Thank you!


EDIT: As always, NO DISCUSSIONS. If you want the item, or have an item to fulfill a request, contact the original poster privately. Thanks!
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