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RULES for the Classifieds Section
« on: May 03, 2010, 11:50:01 AM »
Here are some ground rules. I'm sure they'll be amended over time...

1. NO Craigslist links. Ever. Yes, yes, we know that there are great cages listed in various markets. They don't need our advertising. Any Craigslist links posted in this section (or anywhere on the forum, for that matter) will be removed on sight. Every. Time. The same goes for the Canadian site, Kajiji.

2. NO commercial posts.

3. NO "recurring" items for sale. If you have been a member for 3 months and have at least 100 posts, you may create a "merchant" thread for your handmade wares in the Pack Rat Swap Meet - Marketplace.

4. The person who posts the ad -should- be the person in actual possession of the item for sale. In other words, sell your own stuff, not other people's stuff. If you have a friend who wants to sell a cage, they should create an account.

5. NO phone numbers or addresses. Ever. This is a forum-wide rule, but needs to be reiterated specifically for this section. Our forum is scoured by search-bots on a continuing basis. If you post your phone number or home address, it can and WILL show up in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc., search results. We do not want this. The only personal contact information that should EVER be posted here are e-mail addresses. For the most part, however, we recommend using the forum's Private Message system (provided you have enough posts to access it - we don't reveal the minimum post count to PM, but it's small enough that it's easily attainable).

6. NO DISCUSSIONS. Discussion is for OTHER sections of the community, NOT any part of the Flea Market (Adoption Center, Marketplace OR Classifieds). You don't see public discussions over classified ads in the online local newspaper, right? Same concept. If you have a direct question about an item that could benefit other members, fine... but a classified post shouldn't have more than a handful of posts, all DIRECTLY related to the item. Otherwise, us the Private Message system.

7. When an item sells or is obtained, keep us updated. Did you sell the cage? Post that it sold. Did someone have the wheel you were looking for? Post that you've got it, and are no longer looking. We don't know until you tell us!  :thumbsup2:

8. Buying or selling prescription medications is EXPRESSLY prohibited. If you need prescription meds for your rat, you MUST get them from a veterinarian when they are appropriate (which only a vet can determine). We are NOT a pharmacy. Please don't put our community in a sticky legal situation, because you could quickly find yourself without forum access. Permanently.

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