Author Topic: Female cockatiel needs new home---CT  (Read 5263 times)

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Female cockatiel needs new home---CT
« on: May 10, 2010, 03:06:42 PM »
I took in a battered cockatiel from a pet store about a year ago, intending to find her a home but fell in love. Only thing is I now I have three jobs and a family that isn't exactly fond of her. she is very vocal, loves to talk with you and has learned a few whistles and makes her own "kissy" noises and motions with her beak. She likes to be pet and used to come on my shoulder but since i havent been with her as much she wont do that anymore. She wont eat fresh food (I have tried) and I think thats why her feathers never look healthy. She does not like men and has a hand phobia thats took months to break, she still lunges at me on bad days but has never bit. She would do best with a small woman with small hands and a feminine voice. I have never really been able to get her to come around completely, so maybe someone else has the time to. I think the guys at the pet store must have harrassed her . . . I have a purple medium cage with lots of toys, spray millet, and food and you can take her and this for free. If your interested I can send pictures, she is just regular gray and white with a green head and red cheeks.

Her name is simply "Pretty"