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Young spayed calico. Northern IL
« on: May 23, 2010, 05:55:44 PM »

Munchkin needs a new home. We found her 1yr & 1/2 ago, when she was 3 1/2 weeks old, mewing in the middle of the road. I couldn't leave her, so we took her straight to our vet, where she got a clean bill of health.
I told my family she wasn't staying - we had a 16yr old cat already (and 2 dogs, 8 rats, fish), and weren't planning on adding to the family.
Well, then I wanted to make sure that she was spayed, and had her shots before finding her a home. And before I knew it, it's been over a year and she's still here!

She is a very spunky & sweet girl. Just too spunky for me, I'm used to my elderly cat (now 17). I have only rehomed a pet once before in my life, so I've been going back & forth on this for awhile obviously. I just honestly am not a young cat person anymore, and I probably should have taken her to a shelter while she was still a kitten.

There isn't anything wrong with her, she just tears around the house like a maniac playing with the dog, we can't close our kids bedroom doors or she scratches at them all night, my youngest daughter & I have mild allergies, and of course that's the bed the cat prefers LOL

She has proven to be great with other cats, big dogs, small dogs, and is very loving and sociable to anyone who comes in the house.
She was spayed last May, and had her shots then, so she would be due for those. She is not declawed, but she is ok having her nails trimmed, and we have also on occasion put Soft Claws on her.
She has a cute stubby tail - since we got her so young with no signs of injury, we assume she was born with it.

Small rehoming fee to make sure someone is serious, and we would love to get updates on her.
Please post here or email me direct at for any questions, or to arrange a time to come meet her!