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Lovebird & Parakeet, So. NH/ No. MA
« on: June 14, 2010, 06:31:36 PM »
I'm an active member on the rat part of this site but I also have 2 birds.

I've been in a tough spot for the past year and a half or so with my birds as after a broken engagement, I needed to move back in with my parents (which is where I am now.) They agreed, much to their dismay, to allow her to stay at the house. She started off with her cage in the living room but our dogs went crazy, then the dining room, then the office- all of which still proved to be disruptive to others living in the house. Finally she had no other choice but to stay in my bedroom with my door closed at all times since no one else appreciates her early morning 'singing performances', and mind you, I'm still reminded almost daily how 'obnoxious' she is and how no one else here likes her. As soon as the birds wake up and start chirping outside, she feels the need to join them. For me, this is no problem at all because I am an extremely heavy sleeper and I've grown used to her sounds, but my parents and younger sister are less than thrilled.

Anyways, once locked away in my room I could tell she was bored/lonely and I felt really terrible that she recieved little interaction with everyone. A few years ago she lived with a parakeet (budgie) so I decided to try it again and low and behold, she LOVES her parakeet. They seem to get along great and share her giant cage without any issues.

One problem I have run into with her is that she absolutely refuses to eat anything other than seed. I've tried a few different types of pellet foods, most of them quite expensive (because my pets only get the best of the best!) and even mixing it in slowly and fading out seed didn't work with any of them. She lost a lot of weight and even started plucking her chest feathers out. Once I started her back on her seed mix, she put weight back on and luckily her feathers all grew back. She also won't touch any fresh fruits or veggies- I've tried them ALL. She really is quite stubborn about her food.

Before I moved back here my birds recieved a few hours of out-of-cage time every day. Here, I have no safe place to let them out since the rat cage is also in my bedroom. I know she loves most other birds (with the main exception of other lovebirds! She HATES other lovebirds!!) and could really benefit from being in a home where she can get out of her cage and where other birds are also present.

The lovebirds name is Sally and she is about 4 1/2 years old and a hybrid (black masked X peachfaced). She is very curious and friendly but is hand shy. If you talk to her she will come right over to the side of the cage and listen/sing back. She is not dna tested but I am positive she is female as she's previously layed an egg very randomly about 2 years ago. The second one is blurry but I wanted to show her colors.

The parakeet (whom still remains nameless I regret to say!) is a standard green budgie and although he is curious of people, he is very handshy and spooks easily. He will sing to you if you talk to him though and when he gets really excited, he bobs his head up and down in a crazy little dance  :yelcutelaugh:

They have a very large cage which is pictured below. The cage retails on amazon. com for $129.99

I'm asking for $125 (which is what I purchased the cage for through craigslist) for everything. They MUST go together and I will wait until I find the best home possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email me, or leave a message here.