Author Topic: Fosters/adopters desperately needed: Twin Cities MN or surrounding WI area  (Read 1900 times)

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I trapped some stray cats about a month ago and am working on socializing them/adopting them out.
I desperately need a foster who can continue working with these bubs. My original intention was to TNR but these cats werent feral and since they have high pet potential, I wanted to give them the chance for a home and a family of their own. Id originally wanted to pay for all their medical expenses and then either adopt them out or find an individual to foster. The first part I had no problem with, the second is harder. :(

They are listed here, on petfinder, with pictures:

The mother, Maizie, is super sweet and ready to go to a loving, kind home who is willing to continue teaching her that humans can be gentle friends.
Shes friendly but a tiny bit shy, still.  FIV/Leuk negative. I had them all tested. :) Shes also been spayed, has her rabies vacc and is up to date on distemper. Been treated with Revolution. She may not go to anyone who will declaw her(!) A quieter home would be best. She is a very lovely cat and shes won my heart. I just cant keep her!

The kittens, Sawyer and Lily, are coming around so well! Lily found her purr last night when I was petting her and she purred again for me this morning. A first! These kittens had never been handled by a human when they were trapped but theyve made HUGE leaps in the month Ive had them. They take treats from my hand, allow me to pet them and today, for the first time, I was able to pick Sawyer up bare handed and held him while he remained relaxed in my arms. Thats HUGE for him. Hes been the most scared so far.  These guys need a home together with someone patient and willing to continue socializing them. They are really coming around fast but they need someone who understands their situation and will work with them. Quiet, child-free home is best. They are spayed/neutered, FIV/leuk negative, treated with Revolution and up to date on distemper. At 12 weeks they are still a bit young for the rabies vacc. They also are indoor only, no declaw!

If you have any space and want to foster/adopt or can put me in contact with an individual who socializes strays and can help, Id be so grateful! I am moving this weekend into a place with my VERY cat allergic SO. I have a cat of my own and he is already getting shots to try and be able to survive around her I refuse to rehome her so were a bit scared about how hell take living with a cat. It panics me to tears thinking of what will happen with FOUR cats in our apt. :( Im so worried, Im almost sick to my stomach. It was bad timing when I caught these guys but I couldnt let them die, you know? The landlord who owned the garage where they were trapped was going to shoot them! :(

Im in St. Paul and am willing to drive to surrounding areas to get them into a good home, either forever or for the time being. I even have a friend who is willing to sponsor these guys if I can get them into a foster home or private rescue.

My email is
Thanks so much!