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wanted to trade..............
« on: August 07, 2010, 05:58:48 PM »
Please, I know that a lot of people will dislike this idea immensely, there is no need to post it. Please, unless you have something HELPFUL to add, do not post to this thread at all.

I am looking for someone in Southern NH, preferably Manchester or very close by, to trade cats with. This would be on a trail basis only at first, the goal here is to find a good match for my cat and for yours.

I need a home with either no other cats, or compatible cats/dogs for my roughly 14yr old spayed girl Raven.

I can provide a home for a cat of a similar age or older, who gets along well with other cats and is not destructive (sorry I rent and cannot knowingly take in a cat who sprays or has serious litter box issues) Cat must be spayed/neutered.

I am looking for some one who is willing to see how Raven gets along in their home, while the cat that they need to rehome has time to adjust and see if he/she fits in well with my cats; this person MUST stay in touch with me and be willing to take their cat back and allow me to take mine back, if things do not work out for any reason.

I have had Raven for 3 yrs now and for most of this time, she has not been happy, in fact she has been miserable and the cause of her misery is my two other cats.

I know that reasonable people will disagree, but I think the best possible solution for her is to go to a home with no other cats, OR with cats with whom she gets along (she is independent and does not care to play with other cats, as long as they leave her alone, she's fine. Unfortunately my other two cats will NOT leave her alone, and she is timid and will not stand up for herself, therefore most of her life is spent hiding from them and slinking around the edges of rooms to avoid having one the others pounce on her)

This is no way to live, I'm sorry I know people will have all sorts of ideas on how to make this work but it's been 3 yrs and she is not getting any younger. She deserves a home where she is free to play if she wants to, where she can come and get affection without worrying that another jealous is going to attack her (that would be my boy Sheldon) or go to the litter box without having Nell (my other girl) swat at her because she thinks she's getting something Nell doesn't have.

I know that I am not alone with having a cat who does not fit in with the other pets in the home. Email me for more information and photos,
if you think you might be interested in a trial trade- your unhappy "mis-fit" for mine.