Author Topic: Oscar and Andy, Two Lovely Boys in Need of a New Home in Central Massachusetts  (Read 1620 times)

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Hi, all.

I've had to come to a very sad and difficult decision. I hope you guys can both support me ('cause lord knows I've cried enough over this) and help me.

My daughter moved in with me many months ago with her daughter and three cats Oscar, Andy (was "Attila") and Ralph. A few months ago, she moved out, but could not take her cats. Ralph has integrated reasonably well with my own crew of five cats, but, despite the months-long introduction and the hundreds of dollars spent on Feliway, not to mention all the other tricks I've tried, Oscar and Andy can not seem to accept the presence of other cats.

It's gotten so bad now that even five minutes spent in each others company results in someone getting hurt - real bloodshed kind of hurt. Since I have no other place for them, the boys live in my storage room (it's part of my house), and the cats even try to attack each other through the closed door.

I need to find a new home for Oscar and Andy. Can you guys help me? Is there anyone here who would be interested in adopting them? I'm at my wits end - these guys are so incredibly people-friendly - especially Andy - and deserve to have a home they can roam around in freely with people who can love on them whenever they wish. I really tried, but their personalities simply won't mesh with my five (now six).

Oscar, who turned five on the 1st of July, was given to Kim as a six month old kitten by someone who knew someone else who was looking for homes for an "unexpected" litter of kittens. He's a very large, short-haired gray and white patched tabby. He is very people-oriented and "chirrups" when talked to. Oscar gains weight extremely quickly and must remain on a canned diet.

This is Oscar when he first arrived at my house.

And this is him after two months on a kibble-to-canned transition.

And, unfortunately, this is him getting ready to attack my Rachel.

This is Andy. He was adopted from a dog pound to keep Oscar company and he'll be 4 in September. Andy is an average-sized short-haired gray tabby cat with a lovely brown undertone. He is more people-friendly than almost any other cat I've ever met and enjoys greeting guests face to face. He will jump from the floor right up into your arms and loves to be held on his back like a baby.

I will absolutely travel to get these guys into good homes, nor to they have to go together. They don't fight with each other, but I haven't seen anything that says they're best buddies, either (although, that may well be because of the stress they've been under for so long).

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, pm me and I will send you all my contact info.

Thanks for looking and thinking about them, everyone!
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