Author Topic: five-week-old babies need homes in Berkeley, California  (Read 476 times)

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five-week-old babies need homes in Berkeley, California
« on: October 03, 2010, 02:12:54 AM »
We have 15 female and 18 male pups, all super vigorous and happy, outgoing, various personalities, the offspring of only two mothers, each of which had 17 babies (one died). We hired a wet-nurse from the vivarium in order to manage all the necessary feeding! Now they are quite ready for their homes, although they still bully their mums into nursing them. One of the mums is on her second (and last!) litter now, so she's been spending most of her time in a separate cage.
We are very conscientious about their diet, sticking as closely as possible to the Shunamite diet. They get lots of fresh fruit and especially veggies along with their grains. They don't actually live in a cage, but rather on a large table in the kitchen with an Ikea bookshelf modified to provide different rooms and exercises/entertainment for them. They get a wading pool almost every day. The adults get floor time in the evening, interacting with the dogs as well as the humans. The pups are too small for floor time but get couch and kitchen counter time and are handled often throughout the day, as they have since their birth. We have separated the males so won't be having any more litters, but believe that the other two females are pregnant.  :help:
All the adults were bought from the East Bay Vivarium to, erm, save them from being eaten by snakes.  :doh: They were just babies themselves, which still had to be bottle fed on kitten formula for a week before they could really eat on their own. Now they have made the jump to adulthood and our little lark has become a full-time job. Of course, we are kicking ourselves, but now we want to do the best for the babies. We have always cleaned their pueblas carefully to keep them as free as possible from the exposure to ammonia. We haven't seen any signs of sneezing or crusty noses, although at their age we have to clean daily.
We don't want money but certainly would like them to go two to a home so they won't be isolated. I think most people are aware now that a single rat is truly unhappy, and I can attest that two are no more work than one, although I must insist that you take only two of the same sex lest you find yourself in our situation.  :BlueDumboBigEyes:
Please email with inquiries. Thanks.