Author Topic: Boylie and Girly - NEED HOME QUICK - Corpus Christi, Tx area!  (Read 1786 times)

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Boylie and Girly - NEED HOME QUICK - Corpus Christi, Tx area!
« on: October 26, 2010, 05:57:39 PM »
Hello everyone!

I have 2 cats. One boy and one girl. They are both fixed, litter trained, and love to play. Right now I am not in a good situation and I can not have them in my house anymore. I have been getting rashes on my arm and the doctor told me it is from the cats, I need to re-home them quickly. Because I am allergic they are locked in one room in my house and stay in that room. They meow constantly because they want to be out of the room, but I cant risk my health having them near me anymore. These cats were not mine to begin with. They were a friend of mines who needed to re-home them and now I find out I'm allergic and can't have them. These cats were his babies and so they are up to date on their shots.

Boylie ( 3 yrs. old) has urinary tract problems and has to be on wet and dry food. He is very shy but loves to be pet at night till you fall asleep. He is litter trained and he loves playing with strings and rubber toy snakes. When he has his snake he makes a funny meowing sound and drools. It is quite funny! He is white and grey long haired with a funny beard that comes from the sides of his chin.

Girly (3 yrs. old) has skin problems. Her hair falls out some and her skin is dry. Right now she has a cut behind her ear from them being locked in the same room and in to close of proximity to one another. She also loves playing with strings and likes to watch TV. She is a sleek black cat.

I don't know what else to do. I need to find a home quickly for these cats. I want them to have a good home because they were good cats to me, I'm just not giving them that and I need to find them that kind of home.

Please please help me out!

When I get back on later I will try and figure out how to put their pictures onto the forums.