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« on: December 05, 2010, 10:37:50 AM »
Three rescued budgies will be ready to go home in a few weeks.  They are all at least a year old and came to me covered in mites and a bad case of bumblefoot. They're healing up very well, and once fully recovered need their own, patient home.  They are not hand tame, and very flighty (we clipped their wings, first time for them!)  The came to us in a cage they couldn't even open their wings in!  Now they're receiving proper basica care and medical treatments. 

Their adoption fee is only $20 for all three just to help with their vet bill (which is about 4 times the amount of their fee.) Would love for them to stay a trio (one male, two females...don't worry, they have never bred.) They really LOVE tons of toys, so please, spoil them rotten!

One female is standard green
One female is blue
The male is a blue clearflight pied.

They are learning to eat zupreme pellets along with their seeds.