Author Topic: Selling a Large Homemade Cage (Omaha, Nebraska Area)  (Read 4672 times)

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Selling a Large Homemade Cage (Omaha, Nebraska Area)
« on: March 03, 2011, 10:19:22 AM »
I have a very very large home made ferret cage that I am looking to sell.  It is made from wood and wire and it is beautiful.  It is 6ft tall by 4ft wide and 2ft deep.  It has 12 sections for ferrets to live in.  The cage can be split into two cages side by side (6 sections per side) or there is a area in the bottom that can be opened up to allow for it to be one cage.  The entire door opens for easy access or there are two ferret size doors on the bottom that are good for floor time.  I did not make this cage myself, I bought it for $250 on craigslist about a year ago for my rats.  I have downsized in my rat colony so I don't need such a large cage.  Because rats lived in it, there is damage from chewing, but nothing that is visible from the outside, and nothing that affects the stability of the cage.  When I bought the cage, the owner told me I would need to re seal the floors, but I chose to use adhesive tile to protect the wood instead.  I have removed the tile, so the cage will either need sealant or it will need to be re-tiled.  The tiles can be bought at Home Depot or Lowes fro 12-25 cents each.  It takes 48 tiles to cover the whole cage.  Each level has a ferret sized cut out so they can get in between levels.  I will be including all of the ladders I have, but I think I am a few short.  I am asking $150 for the cage but I am willing to take offers because I want it out of my house.  I do not have a vehicle large enough to transport this, so you will have to come get it from Blair.  My husband is able to help get it downstairs and loaded up. It's in need of a cleaning in the photos, but it has since been cleaned and disinfected. 

If you would like more pictures or more informaiton, please let me know. 

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