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This n That for rats, cats and other critters.
« on: March 06, 2011, 10:33:45 AM »

This n That for rats, cats and other critters.

OK I finally got some photos up!  Hyper  I've got a lot more things to add, as time & this ol body allows. Right now there are no hammocks or hammocks sets, but they'll be coming, ok?

Here's a link to the photos of the catnip toys and other goodies, with prices, that are available now:

photos of happy cats n rats here:

about me:
I have three wonderful cats and, at this time, four adorable female rats. They are the joy of my life and the reason I get up in the morning.

I enjoy making toys and hammocks for my own rats and cats, & I've made literally hundreds as gifts and donations to various charities. I thought it might be nice to offer a few things for other people's rats 'n' cats to enjoy.
These sales will help to offset the cost of materials, which I normally purchase in large quantities to save money, as well as enabling me to continue my commitment to helping animal charities/rescues.

I do not plan to have a website, as this is primarily a hobby.
I do not do custom orders, sorry! However, suggestions for items you may be interested in are more than welcome.

I do occasionally have some non-handmade things to sell, but most things are handmade by me.

OK here's the so-called fine print :

Sales are limited to what is in stock. A few things currently have a "per customer limit" for the time being, until I can restock. I need to find out what items are in highest demand before I commit time/materials to making more. Hopefully these limits will be lifted soon.

New items added all the time. I will update this thread & the photo account, as new things become available.
Sorry, I do not take custom orders but welcome your suggestions.
Out of fairness to all customers, orders placed but not paid for within 7 days will be re-listed.

I try to ship within 48 hrs of receiving payment, but please be aware that I am disabled, and do not drive. I sometimes have to combine trips to save on bus fare. If I expect there may be more than a few days delay in shipping your order out, I will let you know.

Shipping to US and Canada only
Flat rate shipping
for orders up to $10.00= $2.50 S&H
for orders up to $22.00= $3.50 S&H
For all orders over $22.00, S&H is based on weight and zip code/postal code, please email your order and zip/postal code for a quote. This quote will include a small pkging fee.

(Postage paid items are sold singly and can not to be combined with any other items.)

Delivery confirmation/insurance is optional and extra. I cannot be responsible for uninsured items that are damaged/lost during shipping.
Please let me know if you would like to purchase insurance.`
Payment in US funds only, vial paypal or USPostal money order only- NO OTHER Type of money order nor any checks accepted

Catnip toys are a non-returnable item.
Please note:
Not all cats react to catnip. Some cats like one kind of catnip but not another. There's no way for me to know if YOUR cat will like this nip. Samples are available by request for a small fee. The catnip I use is Canadian grown, made for human consumption (as a tea) so has no pesticides, and is very fragrant. Plus I use a LOT in each toy.  Cheeky The 50 cents toys are "lightly nipped" but still contain more fresh catnip than most store-bought toys!

Some cats are rougher with their toys than others. These toys are made for the average cat who prefers to lick and kick their toys, or give them an occasional "nomming"(chewing). All cotton toys are made with a high thread count, quilt quality fabric that stands up much better than thinner bargain fabric from places like Walmart, etc. The cotton prints I use are $8 to $12 per yd fabrics. Most cats are not able to rip them.

IF YOUR CAT(s) (or the cat(s) you are buying toys for) is rough with their toys and tends to demolish them or rip them to shreds, please ask me about my Tuffy toys made with denim or duck cloth.

Any questions please ask! If I've forgotten some major-or minor- detail please let me know.
If you have trouble accessing the photo stream, please let me know.
Guess that's about it for now!

Oh, you can PM me or email me at: my3catz AT yahoo DOT com

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Re: This n That for rats, cats and other critters.
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 07:10:02 AM »
Return of the wildly popular NIP STIX body pillows!

Nip Stix catnip toys =^..^= by catnapt, on Flickr

NipStix body pillows for cats, filled with soft polyester fiberfill for chewing comfort and a huge amount of organically grown fresh catnip

Nell with a nip stix by catnapt, on Flickr

Black cats on purple & Cheetah print body pillows each contain 5 full Tablespoons of catnip
$3 each plus flat rate shipping as listed below
Tuffy navy blue with orange paws duck cloth body pillows have a FULL HALF CUP of catnip and are $3.50 each plus flat rate shipping as listed below

SHIPPING for 1 to 5 toys is $2 ($3 to Canada)
Shipping for 5 to 10 toys is $4 ($5 to Canada)

orders of more than 10 toys or orders for rescues, please email me for rates: