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ALT Penthouse questions
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:20:05 PM »
My 5 girls live in a 695, and I've been using a bin cage for travel.  However, it's not big enough for them to spend much time in so I was trying to find a decent cage for when I go away for weekends or vacations.  PetSmart had the All Living Things Penthouse marked down on clearance from $109.99 to $39.99, so I bought it.  It's 30x15x28, which I know isn't big enough for the 5 of them to live in but I'm hoping it will do for travel.

Before opening it up and putting it together, I just wanted to check to see others' experience with the cage to make sure it's worth keeping.
-How sturdy is it?  Any gaps to be aware of for escapes?
-How easy is it to take apart and reassemble?  Will it hold up with breaking it down and putting it back up multiple times?  I think it might fit in the back seat of the car, but if not then I'd need to break it down each time for transport.
-There was one other cage left on mark-down.  Is it possible to attach two of the cages safely if I ever wanted to use it in the future as a second cage for QT, fosters, etc?
-Anything else I should keep in mind if I decide to keep it?


ETA: Because it's not big enough for all 5, I would either go back and buy the other ALT that's also on clearance, or still bring along the bin cage, and split the girls into 2 groups while away so that they aren't so crammed.
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