Author Topic: WANTED:Hamster/Rat cages in Pima County AZ  (Read 2359 times)

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WANTED:Hamster/Rat cages in Pima County AZ
« on: March 25, 2011, 09:24:30 PM »
I have 2 female Syrian hamsters occupying cages that are too small for them, and for me to put fun stuff into.  Looking for a large bin cages or small rat cages that I can fiddle with.  One needs to be moved ASAP since she is getting too big for her Crittertrail tubes.  Her mother is in a cage with no wheel, since the one that came with was too small, and the ball just isn't helping: she's getting fat.  Willing to buy at a reasonable price or trade for the cages they are in, since both are ideal for Russian Dwarf hamsters (Robo, Campbell, or Winter White) and are in good shape.
Also looking to get my rat boys out of their jerry-rigged birdcage and into something with more floor and hammock space.
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