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Critter Nation single cage and extras NH
« on: April 23, 2011, 11:20:11 PM »
Please save me from GGMR!! I can't get any more rats right now (I've got four lovely girls in a double CN) and this extra empty cage is making me sad.

For sale: a single Critter Nation cage, used for less than 2 mos.
PLUS a small water bottle, food dish, large blue igloo and 2 nice handmade hammocks!

This cage can be used for chinchillas, sugar gliders, ferrets, and of course, RATS! =)

It's a great cage, very easy to put together, no tools needed- takes maybe 15 mins.

Also with the large double doors it's easy to get your pets in and out of it, hang up toys and hammocks, etc and most especially, it's super easy to clean.

This is the NEW model of the Critter Nation cage, with the improved shelves and ramps.

This cage in excellent like new condition. It's been cleaned and disinfected and will be broken down (taken apart) for transporting.

$100 for all (cage, food dish and water bottle, igloo and two new hammocks!)

Cash only, pickup only.

for a description of the cage go to: