Author Topic: "New" Pine bedding Is Not Toxic???  (Read 3192 times)

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Re: "New" Pine bedding Is Not Toxic???
« Reply #25 on: April 30, 2011, 01:29:01 AM »
Sorry, I just thought by the title that it would be a guide with good solid, easy to read and follow advice on keeping rats....

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Re: "New" Pine bedding Is Not Toxic???
« Reply #26 on: April 30, 2011, 11:57:22 PM »
Pffft. I don't even know what to say aside from the idiocy of a lot of members of the human race and their attitude toward other people (and animals) never ceases to amaze me. And anger me. I mean, we all have made 'beginners mistakes' (and even long after being a 'beginner'), but when you're proven to be wrong you need to own it and fix it. I mean that as a general rule, but I mean it especially if it's jeopardizing the health of someone/something else! If someone tells me something I'm doing could be hazard to my pets, even if it's not proven.... I'm going to stop it.
She's either lying about what the vet said, or her vet is just as uneducated in rat care as the average person who has never owned one. There are so many things wrong with her argument. It clearly isn't going to get drilled into her skull.

Oh, and how to report someone on Fb?
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Re: "New" Pine bedding Is Not Toxic???
« Reply #27 on: May 02, 2011, 01:12:07 AM »
I normally go with "better safe than sorry" lol

I actually use yesterdays news but I read that is has sawdust so im switching over to exquisicat :cheeky:

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Re: "New" Pine bedding Is Not Toxic???
« Reply #28 on: May 05, 2011, 07:07:52 PM »
IMO I found the whole note that was written incredibly rude......

As a new rat owner, if I were to be looking around and found a note posted by someone regarding Rat Care I would read it!

If I were totally new to rats and I was thinking those things (maybe because I didn't know any better) and was told I was a dipsh*t, I would be rather offended.

Plus the "read a little" comments would make it seem the the OP was implying that if a person didn't know this they were complete morons.

Maybe people are just starting out with looking into rats? They may only know what they heard, or assumed. Doesn't make them stupid....

JMHO. Take it or leave it, but I can see where it was thought of as rude.

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