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Question about cage
« on: May 19, 2011, 09:13:12 AM »
I just bought a new cage for my rat today and not sure about the size. The size is 18"w x 13.5"d x 15.5"h with two 7.5"x9.5" shelves. Is this enough for one rat?
How do you litter train your rats? Also, how do you fix the cage liners in the cage base?  :P
I live in Thailand, so some product might not be available here.

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Re: Question about cage
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2011, 11:08:20 AM »
Unfortunately no, the depth is not enough to satisfy rats.
Also, rats need to be kept in at least same-sex pairs, so you would want a larger cage anyhow.  :thumbsup2:
No matter how much human companionship you give them, nothing can afford the 24 hour friendship of another rat, and some rats can become neurotic and unpleasant when kept alone.

As far as litter training goes, you have to put a different litter in the box than you put in the rest of the cage, so that they learn to differentiate between living space, and bathroom space. (in the event that you use liners in your whole cage, any non pine or cedar bedding in the litter box will do) To get them started, you want  to collect any stray droppings, and place them in the box.
Eventually the rats should learn to follow suit, and cage cleaning becomes a breeze.  :)

To fix liners to shelves, you can either grommet the corners, and attach them with lanyard hooks/heavy duty saftey pins/whatever kind of pin, or use binder clips to clamp them down.

What price range do you have to spend on a cage? We can probably help you find a model that is fairly cheap, and capable of holding at least 2 adult rats.  ;)