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How to persuade boyfriend
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:48:02 PM »
Hi as mentioned in my previous post, my bf and I live in a studio and own four beautiful girl rats. I've been pestering my poor bf for months now to allow me to get a pet bird to expand our animal kingdom :p He on the other hand in constantly shifting between reluctant and downright against it. Here are his reasons:

1. He already has the girls and doesn't want another pet.
2. If we get a pet bird he's afraid that he'll have trouble dividing his love, attention and time between the five of them, and me.

The reason I want to add another member to our family, especially a bird is for a couple of reasons:

1. I love birds, had a crimson rosella and I always wanted to have a pet bird again.
2. I cannot work fulltime due to health issues so basically I'm quite lonely during the day when the girls are asleep. It's usually only around 5-6 in the evening that they're up and then they're with me on the couch for hours or until they start chewing everything (code for hungry)
3. My bf has bonded so strongly with the girls (me as well) that he basically sees them as his kids and is spending sleepless nights due to the fact that we're going away on vacation for three weeks. I'm worried as well but not as much as he is. He never had rats before, I did and I sadly know how quickly those years pass by. I know he'll be completely broken when they start passing away (I tear up every time I think about them going over to the rainbow bridge) and having another pet that lives longer, will help ease the pain. Instead of focusing only on what you have lost, you can focus on it and be grateful as well that you still have another pet that's been there for you as well and that can comfort you.

So what do you guys think? Are my reasons flawed? Should I even continue to try and convince him or is he right, and if not then please give me some tips to that can help me persuade him.