Author Topic: Beautiful, special kitties looking for homes in TX -- transport possible!  (Read 1182 times)

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I rescued a momma kitty and her babies from the side of the road about 6 weeks ago. Mommy and one of the kittens are still looking for homes! The mom is such a sweet kitty! (And for rat people - she won't bother rats when they're in a cage! I haven't tried her with them out of the cage so I don't know...) She absolutely LOVES dogs! She prefers them to other cats, but she hasn't caused any drama with my resident kitty. She's a lynx point siamese with white snowshoes, and she's really young, probably only 7-8months old. I'd keep her if I could!

There are two possible kittens for adoption, both special in their own ways. One is reserved, but the girl hasn't picked out which one she wants yet. (She doesn't really care too much, she just wants one of them) Both are lynx point siamese boys with different amounts of white. The one with the most white has syndactyly in one of his back feet. (His middle two toes are fused) This won't cause him any problems, it's just unique  :) He's a cutie!
The other kitten is marked just like his mom. His name is Forrest, as he was born with tendon contracture in his back legs. (His legs curled inward because of deformed tendons; most likely caused by malnutrition of his mom during pregnancy). Through rigorous bracing and physical therapy, his legs are on their way to being normal. (He walks around just fine now, he even runs!  ;D ) He shouldn't have any mobility problems in the future. His legs might end up a little crooked though... again, he's just unique  :)

All of these wonderful kitties will be spayed/neutered and utd on vaccinations before going to their new homes. There will be an adoption fee, and I'll figure that out once I figure out how much I'm paying at the vet.

I'll get some updated kitten pics soon! Here's one of mom and a baby  :)