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Parakeet cage wanted...
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:37:02 PM »
Our son is saving up his money to buy a parakeet to add to our zoo of two dogs and four pet rats.  (He started off wanting a macaw or an african gray and we talked him down to a parakeet, so we call that a "win"!)  Since we're also trying to teach him to be frugal with his money we thought we'd see if anyone had a VERY good used cage as opposed to buying one brand new if possible.  He's high-functioning autistic so we want to help him achieve his goal, but we also want him to accomplish it on his own so he gets that self-esteem boost when he realizes that he can do things himself!!! 

So many of the cages that we're finding used are those tiny cages that are marketed for parakeets but are OBVIOUSLY no big enough for them! 

So...anyone have one that they would like to sell?  Or any other birdie items a parakeet would love?  We're located in Fort Dodge, Iowa and get to Des Moines regularly so could pick up in Des Moines, but would pay shipping (if it's reasonable!) in a heartbeat for a good deal!