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Cat litterbox problems
« on: August 02, 2011, 02:48:19 PM »
I am at my wit's end with my 18-year-old cat Gizmo.  She has always been a PITA about using the box, but it's gotten ridiculous now.  Even with a perfectly clean box, she chooses to poop on the ground outside the box.  Until a month or so ago, she would at least sometimes poop in the box and the pooping outside the box was usually my fault because I didn't get it scooped enough.

The poop is annoying, but at least it's easy to clean up.  The pee is a whole nother problem.  Traditional boxes aren't tall enough on the side and she was frequently peeing over the edge.  So I got a storage container and cut a hole in the side that I thought was tall enough to keep pee in the box, but low enough for her to get in.  Nope -- I caught her peeing over the side of the hole.  But if I turn the box so she can't use the hole, she won't (or can't?) jump over the side to get in the box.

I am really tired of cleaning pee up off the floor of my laundry room.  It gets under the box and in the grout, so it's a major pain to clean up.  I don't know what else to try to get her to use the box.  I don't know how much I'm fighting her physical limitations and how much is stubbborn cat.  I know she CAN jump that high -- she jumps on the couch all the time.  But that is also a little different than jumping into the box.  But she can definitely jump out of the box and does so quite easily if I put her in it to show her it's there.
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Re: Cat litterbox problems
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2011, 04:52:05 PM »
1. have you changed litters at all? My cats get picky and sometimes wont use the box when I switch litters up.

2. my neighbors cats are ones who back up too close as well and pee over the sides. They finally got those puppy pads for the floor, to lay down under the boxes so when it goes over it has something to soak up the pee. That will save your floor and a lot of mess to pick up. Same with the poo, maybe if you lay one in front she will poo on that instead of the floor.


3. ;) Have you tried cat boxes that are enclosed? with lids on them? our cats make a HUGE mess out of just boxes, even high ones. They dig SO much and have so much fun digging in them, that they would throw litter out EVERYWHERE. So we finally got lidded cat boxes and they work great, No more drips over the edge and no more litter thrown every where. Also I know they have some fancy cat boxes now that have lids and that the cats have to walk deep into before they actually get to the box. So if a covered box wouldn't work because she would pee out of the entrance, that type would be perfect for you because it is a dome and has a set of stairs about a foot to two feet long that the cat has to walk up/in to get to the cat box before using it, so the box is actually completely inside of the closed area.

Hope some of that helps!

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Re: Cat litterbox problems
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 06:52:52 PM »
Have you taken her to the vet? Those issues could easily be health related and her age.

Another thing could honestly be kitty alzhiemers. My cat has occasionally pooped out of the box in a whole different room for no reason(no changes to his environment or anything), and I really think he forgets as stupid as that may sound.

Did you cat ever consistently use a litter box and how often have you changed litters and which litters have you tried?

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Re: Cat litterbox problems
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2011, 09:51:18 PM »
You might try making a lip on the short edge to tip the pee back into the box.

I understand your frustration. Im having problems with two cats. The female went for months with bladder issues before I figured out which cat of the 8 had the problem. She never acted sick, I never found her struggling in the cat box. She acted the same as she always had.

The other cat is cat box picky. He also got a bladder infection. First he pooped out of the box then he peed on other things, anywhere but the box. He ended up at the e-vet.
I am still having problems with him even when he tests free of crystals and an infection. He insists on having an expensive difficult to find litter with cedar shavings in it. I was getting away with Aldis litter but they changed the consistency and he hates it.