Author Topic: I have one rat that needs to be adopted out-VA  (Read 282 times)

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I have one rat that needs to be adopted out-VA
« on: August 25, 2011, 05:59:45 AM »
Since my living situation has changed, my girl Miso has become a hand full. I work two jobs now and cannot let me rats out for the same amount of time as I used to. The other two girls are content with what little I can give them but Miso is obviously not and her behavior has become pretty agitating. She has been causeing more "you pain in the ass!" moments then sweet moments and to be serious, I cant take the stress right now. I do not predict my situation getting any better quickly and would like to have her go to a new family that can give her the attention she needs. If you want to know what her behavior is like: shes stays awake most of the day staring through the cage waiting for me, she paces, chews consantly, attacks the other rats, will jump out of the cage at any chance, has gotten figity and aggitated.
I cannot give her the excessive amount of attention she needs right now and I think adoption would be best for both our anxiety.
If there is anyone even close to the Fredericksburg, Woodbridge, Richmond, Stafford, Manassas area then please take a look at Miso and consider it. Everytime I look at her cute face I feel so bad but not a few seconds later I am pissed off and frustrated at her. I've tried to curve her behavoir with training and "punishiment" but she seems unlikely to learn fast.

She is about 5 months old.
She is unfortantely a pet store rat but she is the only one of the three.
She has not been sick, ever.
She seems to have someking of anxiety that I cannot comfort.
I have owned her since she was a couple months old.

PS: Of course if you have an advice on her behavior that someone like me can work on please let me know. Keep in mind I come from a situation where I could let them out for hours to maybe thirty mintues to an hour.